RAM® Universal Drill-Down Horizontal Laptop Mount with Flat Arms

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RAM® Universal Drill-Down Horizontal Laptop Mount with Flat Arms
Part#:RAM-VBD-125-SW1-FL UPC:793442950889 Patented


This universal drill type Laptop Stand System installs quickly and easily into most vehicles by using self tapping screws, or by drilling and then bolting down the mount base to the vehicle. This configuration provides a telescoping feature with upper and lower poles that allow you to set your mount to the desired height with the simple turn of a knob. Dual swing arms provide articulation and 12 inches of reach for passenger and driver access to the mounted device. Patented rubber ball and socket joint provides additional adjustment as well as shock and vibration isolation. The RAM Tough-Tray™ is spring loaded to accommodate 10" to 16" wide laptops (17" wide screens). The tray features four adjustable retaining arms with 90-degree flat edges, allowing you to close your laptop down all the way while secured in the tray. These arms can be moved both vertically and horizontally, providing a custom fit for varying thicknesses of laptops and the freedom of not blocking ports or drives. A screen support and USB light are also available to accessorize the tray.

hardware included

Assembly Hardware
(4) 3/8"-16 x 2" Hex Bolts
(4) 3/8"-16 Nylock Nuts
(4) 3/8" Fender Washers
(4) 3/8" Lock Washers

tray dimensions

Width Range: 10" - 16"
Side Arm Clamp Height: .5" - 1.75"
Tray Depth: 10"
Tray Thickness: 2.125"

hole pattern

Base: See Drawing

plate size

8" x 8"

ball size

C Size (1.5")


Powder coated steel
Marine grade-aluminium
High strength composite

packaging type



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