Emergency Services

Seconds can be the difference between saving and losing a life, so quick and reliable access to equipment is paramount. Our inventive mounting systems for tablets, laptops, GPS devices and other EMS equipment is trusted by leading emergency service specialists around the world. Featuring shock and vibration dampening to help extend the life of electronic devices in the most demanding environments.

Body Worn Video

RAM® Mounts has developed a bespoke solution for body worn video (BWV) cameras for the UK Police Force and security services. Quickly and easily transfer your BWV cameras from vest to vehicle to station, with interchangeable bases, arms and holders ensuring you can capture evidence in any environment. Used by forces including Hampshire Constabulary, Merseyside Police, Norfolk Constabulary & Lincolnshire Police. Compatible with all cameras that attach using the Klick Fast system.

IntelliSkin® with GDS®

IntelliSkin® is a protective sleeve with adaptability across a variety of phones and tablets, designed to extend the life of devices by preventing damage to the charging port from repetitive docking. It uses GDS® Tech™ with pogo pin technology and ruggedised docking contacts on each skin for seamless charging and data transfer.


An unparalleled range of robust mounting solutions for Samsung phones and tablets that adapt and scale with the evolving technical requirements of forward-thinking businesses, including rugged form-fitting cradles to our innovative DeX mobile desktop solutions.