Phone Mounts

RAM® Mounts offers the widest selection of rugged mounts featuring the best cellphone holders for cars as well as the best motorcycle phone mounts for a variety of bikes. Whether you’re in a car, on a kayak, or in an airplane, RAM® phone mounts and phone holders are built to the highest standards for use in the most rugged environments. From form-fitting cellphone holders to the popular spring-loaded RAM® X-Grip® phone holder, depend on RAM® Mounts to keep your device secure and accessible. Explore the full line of RAM® phone mounts below.

RAM® X-Grip® Phone Holder

Available for phones of all sizes, the spring-loaded RAM® X-Grip® cell phone holder expands and contracts to provide a perfect fit. Compatible with a wide variety of RAM® mounting bases, the RAM® X-Grip® is made of high-strength composite and stainless steel and keeps your cell phone completely functional and accessible.

RAM® Quick-Grip™ Phone Holder

This phone holder is the ideal motorcycle phone mount including adjustable side arms and spring-loaded hooks that expand and contract tightly around your phone to provide the ultimate security whether it's in portrait mode or landscape. Made using high-strength composites, the RAM® Quick-Grip™ cellphone holder will keep your phone secure in the most rugged environments.

Wireless Charging Phone Holders

The portable RAM® Seat-Mate™ transforms any passenger seat into a temporary workstation. Simply unfold the legs and buckle it in place. For a more permanent solution, drill-down laptop mounts provide a heavy-duty steel mounting base.

Form-Fit Phone Holders

RAM® form-fit cradles are the perfect mounting accessory, allowing you to take full advantage of what your phone has to offer. Engineered for specific devices, you can be sure that your phone is secure when inserted. Simply connect to a compatible RAM® arm and base to create your ideal phone mount.

IntelliSkin® Phone Case

Protect your phone from drops and rugged use with IntelliSkin® phone cases. Featuring GDS® charging pins and an integrated charging port built into the sleeve, popular consumer phones are transformed for rugged use. Simply place your IntelliSkin®-protected phone in a compatible GDS® Dock to enable charging capabilities and data syncing.