iPad mini 6 Holders & Mounts

With the release of the new iPad mini 6 there has been insane hype around it's small size with big power. Airplane and helicopter pilots alike have been itching to get their hands on the new iPad mini 6, and by default, the RAM® Mounts mounting solutions to go along with the tablet. Between the form-fitting RAM® EZ-Roll'r™ Cradle and the universal options available, the countless mounting configurations you can use to customize your iPad mini 6 mount will certainly scratch the itch.

RAM® EZ-Roll'r™ Cradle for iPad mini 6

With the iPad mini 6 solidifying itself as the most popular, and powerful, lightweight tablet on the market, airplane and helicopter pilots alike have long awaited its release. The form-fitting RAM® EZ-Roll'r™ cradles lay the foundation for a lightweight, low-profile mounting solution—ideal for yoke mounting. Attach a B or C size RAM® ball on the back and you're ready to customize a mounting solution to your specifications for just about any vehicle. For airplane mounting, take advantage of the RAM® Yoke Clamp Base or the RAM® Tough-Claw™.

Universal Mobile Printer Mounts

RAM® Mounts universal holders for are designed for multiple sizes of iPads, including the new iPad mini 6. These universal mounts cover all iPad models with or without a case, as well as various mounting locations and vehicles. With expandable arms on all sides of universal holders like the RAM® X-Grip® tablet holder, you can ensure a secure and firm hold. Three different attachment points are located on the back of each tablet holder to attach a B or C size ball adapter in order to further customize the mounting solution to work for you.

IntelliSkin® Next Gen for iPad mini 6

For enterpise solutions or for indivudals looking for a fully integrated workflow, look no further than GDS® Tech™ + IntelliSkin® Next Gen. Wrap your iPad mini 6 with an IntelliSkin® Next Gen protective sleeve to unlock the GDS® Ecosystem™. This protective sleeve enables universal docking via integrated pogo pin contacts that match with GDS® Docks™ allowing you to keep your device charged as well as add on peripheral support such as a keyboard or printer.