Off Road Vehicle Mounts

RAM® Mounts has everything your off road vehicle needs to keep your devices secure and accessible. Whether your next off road adventure involves overlanding, rock crawling, mudding, or hitting the sand dunes, RAM® offers a wide range of bases for securing action cameras, phones, tablets, lights, and more. Options include adhesive, clamping, drill-down, rail, and suction cup bases. Explore the full line of RAM® off road vehicle mounts below.

Tablet Mounts

Choose from a variety of RAM® tablet vehicle mounts to secure your device out on the trails. Easy-to-install RAM® No-Drill™ mounts use the existing hardware of the passenger side seat rails and are compatible with cradles like the RAM® X-Grip®, RAM® Tab-Tite™, RAM® Tab-Lock™, and form-fitting holders.

Phone Mounts

Always have your phone at your side when off roading, allowing you to use map and trail apps. Compatible adhesive and rail bases combined with phone cradles like the RAM® X-Grip® and form-fitting holders make for the most dependable and rugged phone mounting solutions around.

GPS Mounts

RAM® form-fit cradles and mounting bases are designed to keep your GPS device secure and accessible in your off road vehicle. Choose from a wide range of compatible solutions for brands including Garmin, Magellan, SPOT, TomTom, and more.

Camera Mounts

RAM® universal action camera adapters allow you to capture all the action from your off-road vehicle. Compatible with most brands of action cameras, simply connect the adapter to a RAM® arm and mounting base for near-infinite adjustability and vibration damping.

Lighting Mounts

For any off road adventures, RAM® has you covered with components for mounting auxiliary lights nearly anywhere. Thanks to the RAM® ball and socket system, making adjustments for the perfect placement is easy. The RAM® LED spotlight emits a power light from the LED frosted bulb, sealed within a rigid composit housing.