RAM® Tough-Track™

Using a track mounting system is a clean, clever, and innovative way to mount multiple devices in virtually any application. The RAM® Tough-Track™ takes this innovation to the next level by offering a center access point for your track components and multiple track lengths to accommodate your desired mounting surface. Whether you’re mounting to an ATV, powerboat, or truck, the RAM® Tough-Track™ will add immense value to your vehicle or workstation.

Modular Aluminum

Available in black and in silver, the modular aluminum version of the RAM® Tough-Track™ can be drilled to any flat surface and is designed for use with #8 screws for easy installation – hardware not included. Engineered to be a dependable and rugged mounting solution, the anodized aluminum provides a smooth slide across the track and anti-corrosion protection. With the use of a center or 90-degree top-loading extension, configure your track system to virtually any desired length and placement.

Top-Loading Composite

The top-loading composite version of the RAM® Tough-Track™ features mounting holes adjacent to the track, offering reinforced security for stable mounting. Compatible with a wide variety of RAM® track bases, this track mounting solution can easily be drilled to any flat surface.

Dash Track for '18-23 Jeep JL, JLU, & Gladiator

With the first vehicle-specific RAM® Tough-Track™, easily create an ideal dash mount in compatible Jeep models that's perfect for overland and off road enthusiasts. This kit includes a top-loading composite 12" RAM® Tough-Track™ for securing phones, small tablets, GPS units, and more.

RAM® Tough-Track™ for Rails

Available in three different lengths and two different widths, this version of the RAM® Tough-Track™ is ideal for creating a track mounting surface via tubes, bars, and rails. The varying track sizes can accommodate rails from .625” to 2.625” in diameter and are compatible with a wide range of RAM®track mounts and components.

RAM® Hand-Track™

Available in lengths ranging from 4" to 30", the RAM® Hand-Track™ is an ideal track and handrail solution for ATVs, boats, kayaks and more. Compatible with all RAM track mounts, the Hand-Track includes two top-loading end caps for attaching to a flat surface. To combine multiple tracks, pair with any top-loading Hand-Track Extension with Center Connector.

End-Loading Composite

For the most cost effective track mounting solution, check out the end-loading composite version of the RAM® Tough-Track™. Tapered ends do away with the use of end caps and allow for stress-free insertion and removal of track bases. The hardware fits in a sunken channel so the T-Bolt on the underside of track bases won’t be obstructed when sliding across the track.

Track Mounts

RAM® track mounting components and accessories are compatible with virtually any track system on the market, including all versions of the RAM® Tough-Track™. Whether you’re adding a full kit or individual components, RAM® offers a wide variety of solutions for connecting nearly any device.