RAM® Vibe-Safe™ with NPT Adapter for 2-Hole Holders

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  • RAM® Vibe-Safe™ dampens a wide range of vibration frequencies
  • NPT thread connection allows for rotation between portrait and landscape while remaining secure
  • Compatible with RAM® holders with 2-Hole AMPS hole pattern, and the metal diamond ball adapter (RAM-B-238U) for any B size ball and socket mount
  • Unique structure and thoughtfully designed with all industries in mind
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
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RAM® Vibe-Safe™ with NPT Adapter for 2-Hole Holders
Part#:RAP-462NPT UPC:793442018244 Patented


The RAM® Vibe-Safe™ Adapter for 2-Hole Holders (RAP-462NPT) is a vibration damping accessory designed to protect electronic devices from a wide range of vibration frequencies. The RAM® Vibe-Safe™ is based on an NPT connection point and boasts the versatility to rotate between portrait and landscape while keeping your device secure in rugged environments. This adapter is compatible with most 2-Hole RAM® Holders, including the RAM® Quick-Grip™, RAM® Tough-Charge™, RAM® Quick-Charge™ & RAM® Form-Fit Holders. The RAM® Vibe-Safe™ is only compatible with the metal diamond ball adapter (RAM-B-238U).

hardware included

(2) #10-32 x 7/16" Machine Screws
(2) #8-32 x 1/2" Machine Screws
(2) #8-32 Nylock Nuts

product dimensions

Overall Length: 3.38"
Overall Width: 3"
Overall Thickness: 1.36"

hole pattern

2-Hole AMPS: 1.912"


High strength composite

packaging type

Retail Bag


0.14 kg

Additional Information

A reduction in vibration does not guarantee full protection of device. External immeasurable factors may cause damage to phones, cameras, and other devices while mounted in the RAM® Vibe-Safe™. National Products, Inc does not assume responsibility or liability for any such personal injury, death or property damage. RAM® mounts lifetime warranty is limited to RAM® mounts and components. The warranty does not include any device mounted or attached to a RAM® mount, such as a phone, GPS, camera, computer or other device.