RAM® Tilt-N-Turn™ 45-Degree Bracket with 4" Upper Pole

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RAM® Tilt-N-Turn™ 45-Degree Bracket with 4" Upper Pole
Part#:RAM-VC-TNT45-4 UPC:793442925825 Patented


RAM Tilt-and-Turn™ motion attachment systems open up many possibilities, all with the goal of making your console work station more comfortable and efficient. RAM vertical Tilt-N-Turn™ motion attachment for RAM powered docks, the RAM Tough-Tray™ and the RAM Tough-Tray™ II has a tilt range of 45 degree, forward and back from the vertical position, and turns 360 degrees. Knowing that this product has countless applications, numerous hole patterns are built right in making the Tilt-N-Turn™ exceptionally versatile. If you have a Tough-Box™ console system and want to integrate this product, consider RAM and yet another ergonomic product; this time with the Tilt-N-Turn™. Included is a 4" tele-pole™ that is compatible with the RAM Framed Tough-Box™ Consoles.

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Powder coated steel

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Poly Bag


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