RAM® Tough-Track™ - 9" Track for Rails

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  • 9" of usable high strength composite track for track mounts: overall length of 12"
  • RAM® Tough-Track™ base utilizes u-bolt hardware (not included) for rails, tubes, roll cages and grab bars
  • Compatible with B and C size RAM® track bases to attach action camera mounts, fishing rods, phone mounts, tablet mounts and more
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
RAM® Tough-Track™ - 9" Track for Rails
Part#:RAP-TRACK-B12HNHU UPC:793442008214 Patented


With the RAM® Tough-Track™ for tubes, bars, and rails, create an ideal track mounting surface compatible with a wide variety of RAM® Track Ball™ mounts and components. This 12” RAM® Tough-Track™ features a two-hole AMPS hole pattern on the side for attaching a RAM® diamond base. This version does not include the necessary hardware for mounting the RAM® Tough-Track™. Pair with your choice of mounting hardware, including U-bolt and strap hose clamp options.

product dimensions

Inside Track Length: 9"


High strength composite

packaging type

Poly Bag


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