RAM® Pin-Lock™ Security Kit for Single Swing Arms and Gimbal Brackets

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RAM® Pin-Lock™ Security Kit for Single Swing Arms and Gimbal Brackets
Part#:RAP-S-KNOBG-109U UPC:793442946165 Patented


The RAP-S-KNOBG-109U includes Pin-Lock™ security knobs/keys for single swing arms and Gimbal brackets. The RAP-S-KNOBG-109U offers the ideal amount of leverage to properly tighten your mount to prevent slippage in heavy chop or in extreme vibration environments. With an emphasis on aesthetics and function, the RAP-S-KNOBG-109U is low in profile and only adds a small amount of additional bulk to your system when compared to the standard knob included. At a fraction of the cost of currently available keyed locking knobs, the additional peace of mind and tamper resistance comes at a very affordable price. The included Pin-Lock™ security knob for Gimbal brackets is a universal design that utilizes various stud sizes to accommodate most popular GPS, chart plotter, fish finder and VHF radio brands. With a simplistic design, our security knob is extremely affordable and simple to install. Pair this with a security knob for your RAM® mount and you can feel at ease when leaving your expensive electronics in public places without the concern of theft or tampering.

hardware included

(2) RAM Pin-Lock Security Keys
(1) 1.25" Nylon Washer
(1) #10-24 x .72" Threaded Stud Adapter
(1) 5/16"-18 x 1.06" Threaded Stud Adapter
(1) 1/4"-20 x 1.34" Threaded Stud Adapter
(1) M5-.8 x 12mm Threaded Stud Adapter
(1) M6-1 x 16mm Threaded Stud Adapter
(1) M8-1.25 x 21mm Threaded Stud Adapter
(4) .72" Nylon Washers
(1) .77" Nylon Washer

packaging type

Poly Bag


0.24 kg

Additional Information

This gimbal knob adapter will not support the Garmin Echomap 93sv.