RAM® 8" Upper Pole with Dual Flange

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RAM® 8" Upper Pole with Dual Flange
Part#:RAM-VP-TTMFD8U UPC:793442932922 Patented


The RAM-VP-TTMFD8U consists of a 8" dual flange plate, connected to a 8" male Tele-Pole™. The flange plate has dual mounting points for swing arms, AMPS hole pattern bases, and the RAM 120 degree hole pattern. Common applications include mounting a display with keyboard, a handheld mobile computer with portable printer or similar device combination. The male Tele-Pole™ is 8" long and has a diameter of 1.328".

hardware included

Assembly Hardware

product dimensions

Overall Height: 12"


Powder coated steel

packaging type

Poly Bag


1.32 kg


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