Zebra Mounts

RAM® Mounts offers a wide variety of ruggedized mounting solutions for Zebra mobile computers, printers, barcode scanners and more. Utilizing our form-fitting cradle design, securing your device wherever you need it has never been easier. The versatility of RAM® systems allow you to efficiently move your device between your car, desk, forklift, and much more. Allowing for near-infinite adjustability as well as vibration damping, the RAM® double ball and socket system provides maximum versatility and helps to extend the life of these devices. Explore the full line of Zebra device mounts below.

Zebra Rugged PC Docks

RAM® Form-Fit Holder for Zebra ET6x

£165.99(inclusive of VAT)

RAM® Powered Dock for Zebra ET6x

£215.99(inclusive of VAT)

RAM® Power + Data Dock for Zebra ET6x

£264.99(inclusive of VAT)