RAM® Adapter Plate for XM & GPS Antennas

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RAM® Adapter Plate for XM & GPS Antennas
Part#:RAM-338U UPC:793442904639


Constructed to hold an XM or GPS antenna, the RAM-338U plate fits below the GPS and the mount. Mount your satellite radio receiver and antenna all on a single platform for both ease of installation and use. Whether you've run out of space or simply have few good mounting surfaces, and those are already taken, the RAM Sonar/GPS Adapter Plate opens up many possibilities.

hardware included

(4) #10-24 x 5/8" Machine Screws
(4) #10-24 Nylock Nuts
(4) #6-32 x 3/8" Machine Screws
(4) #6-32 Nut Inserts


Powder coated steel

packaging type

Poly Bag


0.12 kg