Mounts for Road Bikes

No commute by bike is complete without RAM® Mounts. With a variety of solutions for mounting your phone or action camera to the handlebars of your bicycle, you'll never go without GPS directions or recording the dangers of the road again. Explore the full line of RAM® road bike mounts below.

RAM® Tough-Strap™

The RAM® Tough-Strap™ is the new low-profile bike mount, perfect for mountain bikes, e-bikes and even motorcycles. With two different strap sizes, easily install the RAM® Tough-Strap™ with a simple twist of the knob. Available with two different types of kits, the RAM® X-Grip® comes with a RAM® Pin-Lock™ fitting for lowest-profile mounting — while the other version includes a B size RAM® ball adapter for attaching any combination of B size socket arms and device holders.

RAM® Tough-Claw™

The RAM® Tough-Claw™ is the easiest mounting base to install and remove on railings and tubes, covering a wide diameter range. This base comes in B size, C Size and direct low-profile phone kits, for both light and heavy duty riding, as well as three different claw sizes coving .625" to 2.25" diameter railings and tubs. With a simple tightening of the knob, these claws are truly tough clamping onto the surface without any tools necessary.

RAM® EZ-On/Off™

The RAM® EZ-On/Off™ fastens to your handlebars or frame with two zip ties, offering a secure hold with the lowest possible footprint. A spring-loaded adapter fastens directly to your action camera, GPS, or phone and clicks into the base, allowing you to install and remove your device with a pinch of your fingers.

RAM® EZ-Strap™

Accommodate handlebars from .5” to 2.58” in diameter with the RAM® EZ-Strap™ bicycle mount. The sturdy, rubberized strap can be cut to the perfect length, and the base contains a pocket that can hold both RAM®-to-RAM® and RAM®-to-Garmin double ball arms.