.X-Grip® Universal Smart Phone & Sat Nav Holder with 1" Ball
Part Number: RAM-HOL-UN7B

The RAM X-Grip® has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power without hiding your mobile device behind foam pads and plastic. The perfect compliment to the modern sleek design of mobile electronics. Compatible and interchangeable with a wide range of popular RAM Mounting products within the 1" ball range.

The X-Grip® includes a device tether recommended for outdoor applications.

The RAM-HOL-UN7B includes a 1" rubber ball on the back of the holder which will connect to all RAM "B" size double socket arms and bases.

Compatible with Bixolon SPP-R210 and SPP-R200II printers.

Suitable for Devices with the Following Dimensions:
Maximum Width x Height: 82.55mm x unlimited (within reason)
Minimum Width x Height: 31.75mm x 101.6mm
Depth: 22mm

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1. Spring loaded holder expands and contracts for perfect fit of your device
2. Rubber coated tips will hold device firmly
3. Versatility of holder allows for attachment to many RAM-to-RAM 1" ball mounts
4. Single socket technology allows for multiple adjustment angles and articulation of device

High Strength Composite with Rubber Tips

Ball Size:
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size

Please Note:
We recommend tethering your device when using the X-Grip in high vibration environments such as on a motorbike

X-Grip® User Guide:
X-Grip Instructions PDF


Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!

Date Added: 13/06/2013

What a superb product!

I was fed up with cheap mounts that don't grip the phone properly or cannot be adjusted for different phone positions on the windscreen (or drop off!) so bought this together with a 1" ball & socket arm (RAP-B-201U-A) and a 3" suction cup (RAP-B-224-2U) and now my Samsung Galaxy S3 is rock solid on the windscreen!

It can also be adjusted to almost any angle and it leaves plenty of room for the power lead and the video camera (which is not obscured making filming whilst driving also possible).

Highly recommend for a long life mount that fits a variety of phones/sat navs/cameras etc etc
by Richard Hignett

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