Universal Mounts

Universal mounts are used to attach just about anything to anything, anywhere!

Note: Many mounts include a 'diamond base' which has two drilled holes. These holes will align with any device that has fixing holes conforming to the industry standard AMPS hole pattern and will also align with any RAM device holder (part code RAM-HOL-XXX) listed in the Components section of our website.

Ball & Socket (RAM-A, RAM-B, RAM, RAM-D, RAM-E)  Our most versatile system allowing damped, vibration resistant and rigid mount positioning in 3 axes.
Pod  A mounting solution using one, two or three supporting 'legs' of flexible or rigid construction. Mainly used for laptop, tablet or other mobile devices.
Seat-Mate  A convenient and easily removable mounting solution used primarily to mount a laptop, tablet or other mobile device on the passenger seat of a vehicle.
Snap Link (RAP-SB system)  Used for lightweight applications where components conveniently snap together allowing adjustment in 3 axes.
Swing Arm  A range of heavy duty arms allowing 2 axis movement; frequently used in combination with the Tele-Pole system.
Velociti  An alternative base / arm solution for heavyweight applications using a ratchet design to achieve maximum rigidity.
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