Tough Tray Universal Laptop Holder c/w Angled Clamps
Part Number: RAM-234-3

Tough Tray Universal Laptop Holder c/w Angled Clamps

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Tough-Tray™ is a spring loaded expandable tray that can accommodate 10 to 16 inch wide laptops and compatible with laptops that have 17" screens. This model includes four angled side clamping arms which have rubber grips. The arms can be moved both vertically and horizontally allowing for a custom fit for varying thicknesses of laptops and the freedom of not blocking ports or drives. Hole patterns on perimeter of tray facilitate the mounting of additional RAM systems to support GPS, PDAs, power supplies or other electronics.

Tough-Tray™ Dimensions:
Tray Depth: 10.0"
Tray Thickness: 2.125"
Tray Width (Expansion): 10" to 16"
Side Clamp Arm Height: 0.5" (min) to 1.75" (max)

High Strength Composite.

RAM-234-LK2 Safe-n-Secure retrofit locking kit with lockable knob which is recommended if the laptop holder is intended to be used in a vehicle while in motion.
RAM-234-AK1 quick adjust retaining arm kit.

Additional / spare side clamps:
RAM-234K single angled clamping arm.
RAM-234K-4 four pack of angled clamping arms.



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