Tab Dock-n-Lock™ Lockable Holder for the Apple iPad 2 & 3 without Case / Skin / Sleeve
Part Number: RAM-HOL-TABDL7

Tab Dock-n-Lock™ Lockable Holder for the Apple iPad 2 & 3 without Case / Skin / Sleeve

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RAM products are renowned for their simple yet effective designs. The new RAM Tab-Lock™ with Uni-Conn™ for the Apple iPad is a perfect example of this. The RAM iPad locking dock features a unique patent pending design which enables the use of the factory iPad cables with docking connector for charging as well as other functions. Also works with most aftermarket cables and or modules with docking connectors. With the vast variety of available cable / docking connector accessories for the iPad you can quickly dock your iPad for charging, line out audio, external GPS antenna and much more. Spring loaded and equiped with a keyed lock, this compact yet durable holder won't take up a lot of space yet provides loads of security.

This holder is compatible with the following tablets:
Apple iPad 3 (3rd Generation) WITHOUT CASE, SKIN OR SLEEVE
Apple iPad 2 (2nd Generation) WITHOUT CASE, SKIN OR SLEEVE
Any tablet or reader that fits the dimensions listed below

Holder Dimensions:
Height: 8" minimum to 11.55" maximum
Width: Maximum to 6.8"
Edge Depth: Maximum to 0.50"

1. Spring loaded for quick removal and insertion of tablet
2. Full access to all ports
3. Customize height of holder for your tablet
4. Locking mechanism for theft deterrence
5. Unique patent pending design enables the use of the factory iPad charging cable with docking connector
6. Compatible with many other Apple Certified cable / docking connector accessories including docking connector modules
7. Quickly dock and undock your iPad without requiring the insertion and removal of the charging cable
8. Use the iPad in your vehicle, aircraft, boat, home, etc., for an all-in-one entertainment media solution
9. Perfect for business applications such as educational, medical, retail and much more

High Strength Composite

Included with Purchase:
(1) Spring loaded locking back plate
(2) Support cups, one with Uni-Conn™ docking connector
(1) Uni-Conn™ docking connector cap
Mounting hardware



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