RAM-ROD™ Light-Speed™ Holder with Spline Post (No Base)
Part Number: RAP-370-NB

RAM-ROD™ Light-Speed™ Holder with Spline Post (No Base)

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RAM-Rod™ Light-Speed™ holder with no base, is a must have for the fishing enthusiast. Designed to mount vertically in your boat, you can rotate the mount 360 degrees, while tilting the holder forward and back for the optimum angle.

1. Unique patent pending design offers quick and easy removal and replacement of rod
2. Simple and easy adjustment allows for tilting up and down as well as upright for rod storage
3. Unique design integrates removing the rod and setting the hook seamlessly, meaning less missed fish strikes
4. Lifetime Warranty 
5. Made in the USA 

Fishing Recommendations:
The primary intention of this mount is for either fresh water or salt water usage. 

High Strength Composite 





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