RAM-A-CAN II™ Universal Cup Holder Mount + 6" Arm
Part Number: RAP-299-2

RAM-A-CAN II™ Universal Cup Holder Mount + 6" Arm

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At RAM mount, anything, anywhere means just that. We pride ourselves on utilizing the most convenient of spaces and our latest cup holder mounting platform puts your favorite pocket size device as close as your morning coffee.

Easy to reach, easy to use, and no drilling, gluing, or sticking required, just plug and go. This simple and attractive design incorporates a 6" positionable stem with diamond profile base for a device holder. Perfect for supporting an iPhone, GPS, Cell Phone, PDA, or iPod when used with an appropriate holder. A durable composite shell construction and soft fins that can be trimmed to fit makes our cup holder mount one of the most portable and versatile "Go Anywhere" products offered.

High Strength Composite

Ball Size:
1" Rubber Ball Size



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