Power Delivery

Understanding Power Delivery

What is USB Type-A power delivery?

There is no such thing as Type-A power delivery. However, there is “fast charging” that leverages the USB 2.0 standard. These are proprietary technologies developed by the chip and device manufacturers such as Samsung, Qualcomm, Huawei, and others.

What is USB Type-C power delivery?

Power delivery is a digital communication standard that enables the device and the charger to communicate and agree upon the maximum capable charging current and voltage that they both can provide/accept. USB Type-C power delivery is implemented at one or both ends of the cable. The goal was to create a faster, safer charging standard that allows for up to 100W of power of a standardized cable as opposed to a “proprietary” cable.

What do I need to get USB Type-C power delivery?

A device that supports the USB-IF PD protocol and a charger (with a connector or cable) that supports the USB-IF protocol.

What is the difference in output between a tablet and phone?

Tablets and phones typically have different batteries in terms of capacities. Tablets have larger batteries, most times due to their larger physical size and larger displays. Temperature needs to be safely regulated and monitored, which is why most tablets and phones today have a maximum input power of ~20W or less due to concerns about heat generation in the battery pack from the charging process.

What do I do if limited to no power is being delivered to the device?

Check to ensure that the charge indicator is showing on your device. If not, check the power supply to the charger to ensure that power is being provided. It’s possible that it could be a bad fuse, loose wire, etc. If the charge indicator is showing charging, but the battery state appears to be getting lower, check the connectors on the dock and charger to make sure they are fully seated and connected. Make sure the contacts on the Intelliskin® connector are clean and ensure there is no debris in the dock where the pogo pins are located. In addition, check to make sure that there is nothing that could be coating or preventing the pogo pins from making solid contact.

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