Caring for your Intelliskin

Caring for your IntelliSkin® Sleeve

How do I tell if my IntelliSkin® sleeve needs maintenance?

Cleaning is the only maintenance that should be needed. We recommend using the IntelliSkin® contact brush to clean the GDS® contacts on the bottom of your IntelliSkin® sleeve to prevent any loss in functionality.

What if the pogo pins on my GDS® Dock™ are damaged?

The dock will need to be replaced. Contact us for details regarding possible warranty coverage.

What if my device is stuck in the IntelliSkin® sleeve?

It is unlikely the case and the device will not be separable, even if damaged. To remove your device, using a little more force than usual might be necessary.

What if the IntelliSkin® connector broke off inside the device?

The connector should be removable by yourself or by a device technician. Take some degree of care to ensure no damage is done to the device when removing the connector.

What happens if I spill liquid on my IntelliSkin® sleeve?

Most fluids will not cause any damage to Intelliskin®. However, there could be a film or a coating that could diminish or stop electrical signals from passing through the dock to the skin if there is a residue that is left on the bottom of your IntelliSkin® sleeve. Clean with warm soapy water and gently brush for most fluid residues.

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