Double Adapter Plate
Part Number: RAM-338

Double Adapter Plate

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Constructed to hold an XM or GPS antenna, the RAM-338 plate fits below the GPS and the mount. Mount your satellite radio receiver and antenna all on a single platform for both ease of installation and use. Whether you've run out of space or simply have few good mounting surfaces, and those are already taken, the RAM Sonar/GPS Adapter Plate opens up many possibilities. Made of durable light weight aluminium, this plate offers mounting solutions for the following:

1. Mount an XM antenna behind a GPS on your motorcycle
2. Easily place an external GPS or XM antenna behind the factory display
3. Stack devices so your GPS is just above your Fishfinder
4. Mount your cell phone over your VHF to keep communications at the ready

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium

The RAM-338 also adapts easily to the RAM-111B or RAM-B-111B.

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