In this section you'll find various components and kits of parts for customised mounting solutions.

Ball & Socket (RAM / RAP system)  Our most versatile system allowing damped, vibration resistant and rigid mount positioning in 3 axes with a very wide range of bases and arms in different sizes.
Pod  A mounting solution using one, two or three supporting 'legs' of flexible or rigid construction. Mainly used for laptop, tablet or other mobile devices.
Rod  A range of fishing rod holders for fresh and salt water fishing.
Seat-Mate  A convenient and easily removable mounting solution used primarily to mount a laptop, tablet or other mobile device on the passenger seat of a vehicle.
Snap Link (RAP-SB system)  Used for lightweight applications where components conveniently snap together allowing adjustment in 3 axes.
Swing Arm  A range of heavy duty arms allowing 2 axis movement; frequently used in combination with the Tele-Pole system.
Tele-Pole  A range of heavy duty bases allowing rigid positioning of a mount at various heights and adjustable rotation with a tighetening knob which also allows complete removal from the tube base; frequently used in combination with the Swing Arm system.
Vehicle Base A range of universal and custom bases for popular domestic and commercial vehicles primarily for use with laptops and moble electronics where a heavy duty mounting solution is required.
Velociti  An alternative base / arm solution for heavyweight applications using a ratchet design to achieve maximum rigidity.
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