Galaxy Tab Active3

Galaxy Tab Active3

RAM® Mounts are locked and loaded with brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 mounts and compatible RAM® components designed to take on the most rugged environments. Pick from powered docks, multi-device charging stations and handstrap accessories to build the perfect mounting solution for your Galaxy Tab Active3 ecosystem.

Form-Fit Powered Holders

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 powered vehicle docks include power and power + data options, non-locking, combination lock, keyed lock and dual USB versions. All holders connect to most RAM® vehicle mount bases.

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6-Port Charging Docks

Designed to support up to six Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3, Tab Active Pro and/or Tab Active2 devices for simultaneous charging, reducing the amount of cords needed by consolidating power and providing each Samsung tablet with its own charging bay.

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RAM® Skin™

The RAM® Skin™ for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 features GDS® Ergo™ attachment points for shoulder straps as well as an open space on the back to attach a GDS® Hand-Stand™ Kick Stand and Hand Strap. The RAM® Skin™ is compatible with our designated Tab Active3 cradles and mounts.

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IntelliSkin® with GDS® Tech™

The IntelliSkin® Next Generation protective sleeve includes a redesigned hard plastic shell with soft, shock-absorbing rubber, and an integrated USB Type-C connector that allows charging without a GDS® Dock™. Compatible with a variety of GDS® Docks™ and accessories, as well as new docking cups for upgrading existing GDS® vehicle docks.

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RAM® Tough-Case™

For an all-in-one Samsung tablet mounting system, the RAM® Tough-Case™ is a rugged two-piece enclosure for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 with a built-in coiled power cable that tethers the device inside of any vehicle. This case allows a hardwired connection to the Samsung ELD tablet using a custom USB Type-C connector.

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Connect Your Peripherals

Turn your Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 into a mobile workstation with the GDS® Ecosystem™. Supporting a fully customizable space, the GDS® Ecosystem™ offers vehicle docks, power accesories, keyboards and more to emulate your office, on the go.

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First-class Service

We work hand-in-hand with businesses to deliver bespoke solutions for fleets, offices and warehouses. We pride ourselves on first-class customer service and going the extra mile to deliver personalised solutions for our customers. We are a proactive, close-knit team with expert technical knowledge of a large product portfolio and changing innovations in the market.

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