16.75" Long Extension Pole with 1" Diameter Ball Ends
Part Number: RAP-BB-230-18

16.75" Long Extension Pole with 1" Diameter Ball Ends

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The RAP-BB-230-18 consists of a long extension pole with 1" diameter ball ends. The ball ends are compatible with all 1" ball double socket arms.

**Please note that the sockets and ball end components on this range of products are a LOOSE fit. To secure these parts, we recommend wrapping tape around the pole for a push fit, or for a more permanent solution, the use of an impact adhesive, like Evo-Stik**

Pole Length (Ball End to Ball End): 16.75" 

1. Extension poles are buoyant & will float if dropped in the water
2. All components are plastic or stainless steel making this pole system rustproof
3. Lightweight, easily adjustable and packable - easily break down to stow when not in use
4. Modular system allows for infinite configurations. Easily capture self-portrait images from water level, overhead shots and even
underwater images
5. Lifetime warranty
6. Made in USA

High Strength Composite

Ball Size: 
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size 


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